Oh, c'mon, give us a break? Are you actually trying to tell us that you haven't got your Moleskine yet? Are you also trying to tell us that you consider yourself a writer? What in dear Heaven's name have you been thinking? Or drinking? For your information, the Moleskine has been the choice of countless literati for a number of centuries! According to Modo & Modo, the Italian manufacturer of the little black notebook, the Moleskine has been the notepad for legendary artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers. And we're not talking about a bunch of slouches here, folks. We're talking about people like Henri Matisse (1869-1954), Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Andre Berton, the leader of the surrealist movement, (1896-1966), Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) and Bruce Chatwin, a famous travel writer (1840-1889) all of whom ,wouldn't be caught dead without their Moleskine!

At one time, the Moleskine was a hard-to-find, but famous little black notebook that was used exclusively by artistic geniuses, usually seen sketching or scribbling their notes into their Moleskines at a Parisian sidewalk cafe while sipping on a fine burgundy wine.

In recent years, the Moleskine has become a little easier to find. ( It's available at Chapters and Indigo), but it still retains its ages-old mystique. Modo and Modo describe it as a "blank book" style that is for the free thinker working outside of lines. The reliable pocket-size travel companion for your notes, drafts, thoughts, lists, scribbles, is a portable 3.4 x 5.5 inch journal made with a durable thread-bound binding and offers 192 plain (blank) acid-free paper pages." Although the Moleskine sounds simple enough, it's more than that! If you pull one out, while wearing your trench coat, you'll automatically be pegged as either an up-and-comer or a full-blown intellectual marvel. One of the main reasons why the Moleskine is back in vogue is due to the blog by Armand Frasco. The 44-year old Chicago writer started Moleskinerie.com at the beginning of 2004 and was so successful in spreading the word about the Moleskine that the manufacturer decided to sponsor it. So check out the web site -- and run , don't walk, down to your local Chapters or Indigo store to buy your very own Moleskine!