Trends/Canadian Copywriter

One of today's biggest marketing trends is "charity sponsorships". There are a great many advertisers, these days, who are pledging to donate a percentage of their sales to charities. Which is good, right? The only problem is that they also stipulate (in the finest print possible) that they will only donate a maximum amount. Meanwhile, many Canadian consumers who aren't aware of the stipulation will buy the product happily without the knowledge that the maximum has already been reached -- and that the advertiser has stopped donating more money to the cause. Okay, let's chalk one more up to the scheming rats in the Corporate world!!

January 29, 2009. Here's a new wrinkle in marketing. Your assignment is to develop a TV Commercial for the Super Bowl that's so controversial that your commercial will be rejected -- then post your commercial on the Internet and

complain about being banned. That's exactly what PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) did! With all the controversy, people wanted to see the commercial for themselves -- and PETA got more publicity out of the matter than actually putting the commercial on the Super Bowl. PETA saved money on air time -- and still got maximum publicity for their commercial! Hey! Talk about the effectiveness of viral advertising!