Lighthouse/Canadian Copywriter

Perhaps you've noticed by now that we have an affinity for lighthouses? There's a good reason for this. Some members of our staff are sailors...and every sailor knows the advantages of lighthouses, particularly after hours of sailing through a pea-soup fog then finally chancing upon the joyous light of a lighthouse. The experience is a lot like life itself. Lighthouses are like the light that guides us through life's toughest times. When on land, many of us have sat in the shadow of the "Captain's" lighthouse (just up the road), eventually arriving at some terrific creative conclusions for our clients' communications needs. In fact, we're so convinced that lighthouses are so good for the soul that we have special days when we all vacate the office and work under the calming shadow of "The Captain's Lighthouse". Usually it works. Then again, sometimes it's just a day off. So, as lighthouses work their magic for us at Robertson-Taylor, may the lighthouse in your life also shine brilliantly. We trust it will for a long time to come.

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