We're a fun group and over the years, we've cultivated a "spirit of family" as we work together on our clients' behalf. First and foremost, we are promoters -- however, we also have a deep affinity for cgi and how it can contribute to the advertising mix. Our commercials are visually surprising and we do our best to make those "darn interrupting TV commercials" more entertaining for Canadians. Yes, we're proudly Canadian, and we try to apply Canadian values to everything we do, but we also try to understand other cultures, and we try to be good citizens of the "Global Village". You're encouraged to apply for a position with Robertson-Taylor. Otherwise, if you are a creative person, have a knowledge of what real "nose-to-the-grindstone work" is all about and thrive on being one of the working cogs in a true "team effort" (which means you're able to get along with everybody, respect your cohorts' opinions -- and that includes our clients) and have a good eye for great work, we'll get along just famously. Unfortunately, there are no positions available at Robertson-Taylor as of July 16, 2017 however, it's still a good idea to submit your resume and keep checking this board.

Phyllis Weller is our newest addition to Robertson Taylor -- and obviously she has an ability to keep kids interested in what they're doing.

We would like to welcome Phyllis Weller, our new Day Care Center Administrator to our staff (she's the one cutting through some construction paper) as well as Jessica Ng (administrative assistant - day care) and Donna Reidleif (Care Giver). These exceptional professionals are the latest additions to our staff and the people who are taking care of our children in Robertson Taylor's new Day Care Center, which was officially opened on September 21/11. The centre takes up the entire top floor at the RT Centre and features full kitchen facilities and a creative play area, complete with a kiddie-gym. With respect to the times we live in, we've installed the latest in high tech security systems and sealed off the floor to any "unexpected" visitors. A security guard has also been hired to patrol the area throughout the day. So far, 34 children have been enrolled, (but, trust us, judging by the glint in some of our employees' eyes, we suspect a few more are on the way. This sentence was added by one of the members of our staff and as soon as our bosses read it, we're pretty sure it will disappear. Keep your eye on this page to see how long we get away with it!).

As our clients grow (and as our client list grows), so grows Robertson-Taylor, and on September 1/07, we opened our first satellite office in Los Angeles. With a presence in L.A., we are able to tap the talent and resources of the creative capitol of the world.

With the help of Robertson-Taylor's talented artists and technicians, we opened a new TV production department. On February 1st, 2009, BadBack Productions officially began business as a computer graphics production firm for the TV commercial industry. Our graphic artists specialize in Maya, the industry-recognized leader in computer graphics generation for the movies, to produce award-winning computer graphics (that, quite frankly, will make your jaw drop). For more information, contact our sales department at 905-895-9020.