At the time of this writing (January 21, 2017), Jewison is 90 years old. He has spent fifty seven years in the movie business, and has just written his memoirs entitled "This Terrible Business Has Been Good To Me". In his book, he talks about his favorite actress: Judy Garland and about how Steve McQueen was so cheap that he borrowed $10 off the film hands to put gas in his car. He has always considered himself an outsider in Hollywood and was often referred to as that "Canadian pinko". Jewison is trying to secure funding for "High Alert", a political satire he sees as a sort of post 9/11 re-make of "The Russians Are Coming". Bubbling with enthusiasm, he describes it as a spoof, with an Arab circus troupe from Morocco booked to do a July 4 show on a U.S. resort island, but they're mistaken for terrorists. Jewison enthused that "I have two writers from the Lettermen show and MGM is very excited, but we still have to get the money worked out".