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Did you know that over one billion birthday cards are produced in North America annually? And that's only birthday cards! When you consider all the other cards (Valentine's Day Cards are BIG), there are a multitude of different ways to get involved in writing greeting cards.

In the States, there are three big greeting card companies: Hallmark, American Greetings and Carlton Cards. There are also hundreds more independent publishers who are also looking for fresh, innovative thinking (if there's money in the budget), all of whom are open to suggestions from outsiders. The result is that people from all walks of life are writing greeting cards:doctors, lawyers, business people, housewives, just about anybody with a word processor and an innate ability to understand what's required.

how it works

Your chances of finding employment as a greeting card writer are good, particularly if you're a woman. Apparently, women possess the feminine touch that is oh so necessary for writing greeting cards. It makes sense. 90% of today's greeting cards are bought by women.

Of course, like all the writing jobs detailed in The Canadian Copywriter, you must "pave" the way by calling the editor in charge or sending a query letter. In your letter, never say that you would like to submit your "poems". Apparently, this only wrankles them and brands you as a rank amateur. Call them verses instead.

When you do submit your work, don't expect an immediate response. Give them plenty of time to review your submissions. If they do respond, they may ask you to sign a special disclosure form, which states that your work is original -- and your work will only be submitted to that particular company. At a later date, you might be included in a "call for entries" for a special assignment -- which doesn't mean you will get the work -- just a crack at it! If things go well, they may give you a specific assignment. If things go swimmingly well, you might be offered a contract. Standard procedure is that the contract stipulates that your work is exclusive to the greeting card company.