Great TV Ads/Canadian Copywriter

This is a classic Canadian TV commercial -- and one that a lot of Canadian kids grew up with. Even today, it still brings a lump to our throat -- because it harkens back to the days when we, as kids, dreamt of the toys that we knew we would never get. It also reminds us of the fact that the only way a kid could ever learn about the outside world was through catalogues. We pored over them night after night singling out the toys that we wanted. The commercial is also a Canadian classic because of its location -- right in the heart of the Prairies where the heat and the dust burn the lungs and the drudgery of an 18-hour day tugs at the spirit. What ever happened to those well-made, pull-at-your-heart commercials that focused on Canadian values? Gone, we guess?

Here's another commercial that's typically Canadian. First off, the commercial is totally off the wall and loaded with humour. It's sort of the way we Canadians see ourselves, eh? Secondly, there's a snow storm -- both of which Canada has in abundance!

Although the TV commercial we most remember from Red Rose Tea is the one with a monkey banging away on a set of drums -- and screaming out "Red Rose" tea -- this TV commercial is part of the Red Rose series and also qualifies as one of the most memorable TV commercial on Canadian airwaves. Congrats to the people who created this ad. Your commercial is absolutely hilarious -- and beats the crap that's on TV today these days. It has been added to the great Canadian TV Commercial Hall of Fame.

Okay, so Rona isn't exactly doing too well these days, we know that (you know, of course that Rona's sales, of late, have been soft and that their arch rival, Lowes in the States, recently made an unsuccessful bid to buy them). Rona is a brave company -- and their advertising demonstrates that fact! Congratulations to them -- and let's hope this great Canadian company stays the course -- and stays alive!

This is a funny TV commercial -- from Nicoderm, an anti-smoking patch.

This was a commercial that stirred the heart -- and made us proud to be Canadians. As far as a selling tool, it actually made me try Canadian beer -- which I still enjoy to this day.

Well, this time, the Canadians got a hand from the Scottish group "The Proclaimers" who sang the theme for this commercial that first hit the airwaves in 1998.

Normally, we're a tame, peace-loving people, but when you put a Canadian down, look out! A Canadian will come back at you big time -- and bite you back!

Here's a shopper who believes she's just committed "Grand Theft". The commercial is funny, gets its point across and stands out amongst the daily television rabble. It strikes us as odd that Ikea seems to consistently win a lot of tv and radio commercial awards throughout the world. Hmmm. I wonder what they're doing right! Perhaps having a sense of humour is part of it? N'est ce pas?

Delissio Pizza had a unique way of introducing their new Garlic Bread Pizza. Have a look!

Wow! What they can do these days with just a little bit of creative thinking. This commercial is the perfect concept commercial. The creative types at the ad agency decided that H&R Block has tax professionals who are adept at spotting hidden deductions. So, they hid a marching band among some grafitti -- and had an H&R Block professional point them out. The commercial is brilliantly thought out and brilliantly executed.