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          Ann Coulter
A Fair and Balanced Analysis of Our Numbskull President.

Once again, Barack Obama, that lily-livered, Pinko Democratic Socialist, is screwing over our Great Repulican Country with his Liberal-minded policies. Jeez, this guy's a complete Muslim Pinko...and he's trying to "improve" our health care system by making it available to just about anyone. Well, isn't that going to put a huge dent in our death rate...and then where will this country be with all those mouths to feed and all    More...

...from the desk of Ann Coulter

Every Liberal I've Ever Met is A Commie Socialist Gay Pig.

Every Liberal I've ever met is a God-hating homosexual, who should be locked up in one of our penitentiaries for the rest of their sorry, sad little lives. Thank GOD I was educated at U of M and Cornell and God has blessed me with the I.Q. that is so necessary to get all these Liberal homosexuals out of public office, so we can return to the forward-thinking policies of George Bush and the rule of The Republican Party. Remember that we must be more            More...

The Iraq War Is Going Really Well. So, Let's Attack Canada.

Okay, so maybe the Iraq war isn't going so well. So, if we do have to pull out, then so be it. We'll still be victorious. BUT WHAT ARE WE NEO-CONS GOING TO DO IF WE AREN'T FIGHTING SOMEONE! The U.S. achieved glowing sucess in Viet Nam -- but there were 86 million "Charlies" there and it was             More...