Digital Advertising/Canadian Copywriter

We put this one in for two reasons: The jingle is good and, as Canadians, we have a responsibility to promote our own Canadian artists -- one of which happens to be Feist.

This commercial shows the sea spitting out all the garbage on to land, and leaves behind just clear seas, fish and a bottle of the old Tsars favorite drink. We love the old plane wrecks taking to the air once again. This commercial rocks!

This commercial is, of course, from the United Kingdom. It would never be able to run in Canada, mostly because we've become more puritanical than our ancestors.

This commercial was one of the latest Super Bowl ads -- and it's brilliant. Everybody remembers giving their dad a bottle of Old Spice for Christmas -- and everybody remembers the old commercials which showed the sailor going to sea. Since those years, however, Old Spice has had a dip in sales -- and the company was slated to die in the new millenium. However, congratulation to Old Spice for fighting back -- and rejuvinating itself with commercials like these.

Here's another commercial from the Super Bowl that generated a lot of interest. It stars another American icon -- Betty White, who has starred in a variety of sitcoms. You must admit that, even at the age of 83, Ms. White has a great sense of humor and perfect timing.

Gotta say that we admire the Geico ads. The copywriters must be crazy, but they sure do grab your attention!

We put this one in by mistake, thinking it was digital. On second thought, we decided to keep it in anyway because it's cool