Avatar is definitely the blockbuster movie of all time. Thanks to major advances in 3-D technology, the movie was a major success. Its graphic effects were stunning -- and it actually had a plot that you could follow and understand.

Inception is another movie that takes full advantage of computer graphics. While not quite as stunning as Avatar, the movie has a unique plot (albeit a fairly complicated plot that is sometimes hard to follow) and stars some highly bankable actors -- Ellen Page being one (who happens to be...ahem...Canadian).

Hunger Games is a silly little film, based on a best-selling book that has broken box office records. Its plot is absolutely hideous: that, in the future, everyone will be poor and homeless -- and that the ruling bourgeouise will force the children of the poor to battle each other to the death. Yeah, well, it's up to all of us to make sure that kind of scenario ain't never gonna happen!! NOT IN OUR CANADA!!