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We welcome all the wandering wayfarers of this great Cyber Ocean to the sandy shores of the Canadian Copywriter. You have been adrift a long time, searching for that elusive brilliant idea -- that perfect combination of words that will make your work a true masterpiece of writing creativity. So pull your boat up on the craggy shoreline. Take your time to catch your breath. Check your map. The Thirsty Muse (pictured on the "Who We Are" Page) is the English tavern where we meet. It isn't far from here...only about two miles across the weathered landscape and down a shady forested lane. When you arrive, you will meet people who think like you do. You will meet your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee with some lively discussion, innovative thinking and creativity!
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The Inevitable Small Type. Norm Barnett, C.A.A.P. is the writer, editor of Canadian Copywriter. Articles marked by © are copyright Robertson-Taylor, 2009. Call us for a quote on your copywriting, research or web design project (Flash, HTML, XML, XHTML, PHP, AJAX, Intranet, MySql databases, JAVA/J2EE ASP, ASP.Net, CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Flex, Joomla, CMS, Drupal, Zen Cart). We are Canada's experts on social networking sites and shopping carts, plus our Content Management Systems will endow you with super powers over your web site (cape not included) -- without requiring you to read any of those unbelievably boring computer books. If you need hosting, our plans start at $79.00 per year +$12.95 for domain registration. Reach us at 905-716-5568 or email Please note that although we are artists, and, therefore extremely sensitive to people and the world around us (we do recycle and we do smile a lot), we wholeheartedly support the death penalty for spammers and those miserable slime balls who create computer viruses. (By the way, our smiles aren't exactly a big sloppy grin, but sort of like we have "gas". It's more reminiscent of Jack Nicholson in the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"). We retain the right to refuse work that advertises tobacco, alcohol, creates disrespect for any gender, race or religion or takes unfair advantage of impressionable young minds. You can click here for Print Samples if you want but we would respectfully caution against it, because people might think you are "short a few marbles". Our portfolio is duller than the dirtiest dishwater. If You are not a masochist, you might be more interested in our web site gallery?:   Sunny Hill Farms, Coffee King, Lategan Media Group, Snap Fitness, Newmarket Optimists, Mango Grove Thai Restaurant, 101.7 Talk Radio, Summerside Pools, The Rose Pros. The National Stick Association Our Content Writing is demonstrated at: Good Measure Consulting, Richtree Trading, Shade Comforts. All web sites are sold as is. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Batteries not included. All C.C. Websites are built for easy navigability. For more information, see "more information" somewhere (sorry, but we're not sure exactly where) on this web site. Wow, if you've read this far, You are obviously a "small type freak". There's no question that you don't need glasses -- but perhaps the real question should be "What exactly are you doing?" Why aren't you getting a little more fun out of life? Maybe you should get out a bit more? Consider breathing in the fresh air. Hey, why not romp through fields of daisies or just plain old dance like nobody's watching? Cheryl Crowe just wants to sit in the sun and tell everyone to "lighten up". What about you? Oh, and did we mention the fact that this website is rigorously updated on a regular basis. Estimated time until next update: 5.6 miliseconds. This is the end of the small type. Gee, you still haven't given up? Wow, what's the odds that you are a lawyer!
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